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JC Melvin is the CEO and President of JC Melvin Seminars, Inc. Melvin has held a real estate license in Nevada for 34 years. He has acted in a management role as a Broker or Broker/Salesman for over 27 of those years. Melvin worked, for five years, as the regulatory compliance manager for one of the top Century21 companies in America located in Las Vegas, Nevada. is meant to be an informational and introductory site for those that may be searching for a Nevada Real Estate Expert Witness.  

Melvin has acted as a consultant to the Nevada Real Estate Division on standard of care issues, agency FAQs, and seller disclosure issues. 

He has been certified as an expert and authored many Real Estate CE (continuing education) programs for
Nevada and several other states throughout the country.  Some of the Nevada programs include such titles as: Agency - fact or fiction, Agency Law – it’s good business, Commercial Agency, Agency Law and the Brokerage Contract, Risk Reduction and Liability, Legal and legislative updates from 1995 through the 2015 session.

Having been an educator in the industry since 1986, Melvin was recognized in 1997 as one of the top five Real Estate Instructors in
America by the National Association of Realtors. JC traveled on behalf of the United States Agency for International Development - teaching in Russia, the Ukraine, Romania and Poland. Melvin was recently recognized by the 13,000 member Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors as the 2014 Realtor of the Year!

Respected as one of the top real estate experts and agency guru’s in
Nevada, click on his CV tab for a complete list of credentials. He is a Broker in Nevada and among the top of his field within the expert directories. 


My Commitment
I am committed to providing "quality" expert services and consultation.  Over the years I have turned down or otherwise not accepted an appointment as an expert approximately 50% of the time. Why? Sometimes the attorney and client are simply on the wrong side of the case.  As your expert, I may suggest that legal counsel enter into a settlement negotiation on behalf of their client as the best remedy. In any event, our attorneys and their clients can expect an expert evaluation which prepares them for their best possible outcome. 

  My Record
A consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust.  Because of a strong commitment, my attorneys and their clients enjoy extremely positive outcomes on a very regular basis.

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