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Agency and agency relationships

Disclosure disputes

Licensee's duties

Standard of Care issues

Principle and practices

Broker supervision

​Accepted industry contract protocol

       Melvin has testified in front of various committees of the house and senate, as a Realtor and Nevada real estate expert witness, at the Nevada Legislature during multiple sessions on behalf of real estate bills. He has been a contributing author to bill drafts including but not limited to parts of NRS 645, NAC 645, NRS 116 and NRS 113.  While not an attorney, Melvin has an acute sense of the licensee's duties relative to the principles and practices commonly accepted by the industry.  JC has been certified many times as a "Standard of Care" expert in Nevada Courts.

     JC Melvin's ability to articulate and communicate his findings through written opinions and/or live testimony is certainly what brings it home.  He is respected as the "Agency Guru" and a premier expert in real estate in Nevada. Melvin worked as the Regulatory Compliance Manager for the number one Century 21 in the world for 5 years and has written many continuing educations programs for Nevada including; Agency - Fact or Fiction, Commercial Agency, Agency Law and the Brokerage Contract, Risk Reduction and Liability, Legal and Legislative Updates from 1995 through the 2017 session, Mold Disclosure, and many more. 

JC Melvin, from the San Francisco Bay Area, has been a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada since January 1976. He has been licensed since November of 1981 and was recognized by the 14,000 member, Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors, as the 2014 "Realtor of the Year."  Melvin was honored in 2018, for the third time, as the GLVAR instructor of the year. 

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     I am committed to providing "quality" expert services and consultation.  Sometimes that may include a recommendation to settle the case if that appears to be the best remedy and in the best interest of the parties. I stay up to date on legislative changes affecting real estate and will articulate a strong, clear and understandable written opinion backed by knowledgeable and confident testimony. Call for expert opinions in Las Vegas. 

My Record

 .     A consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust. Because of a strong commitment, the attorneys and clients that engage us, enjoy extremely positive outcomes on a very consistent basis. We provide "Opinions that Count" and our results speak for themselves. 

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